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App Startup

Innovative and high quality iOS & Android apps

SaaS Startup

Automated revenue with an SaaS startup

NFT Startup

Jump upon the NFT trends and fetch your own NFT startup

Crypto Startup

Cryptocurrency Exchange, Trading or Marketplace startup

E-Commerce Startup

Choose from E-commerce or App-Commerce

Membership Startup

Automated income streams with an Membership & Subscription Startup

CRM Startup

Fetch your own High Quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Startup

Marketing Startup

Digital Marketing Startup or Email Marketing Startup

Job Startup

Automated income streams with your own Job Posting platform

Fintech Startup

Disrupt the finance market with your own Fintech startup

Artificial Intelligence Startup

Chatbot or innovative Artificial Intelligence Startup

Food Ordering Startup

Disrupt the food market with your own Food Ordering Startup

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Social Media Content
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Basic Startup
**paid annually, additional fees could be included
  • 1 Landing Page
  • 1 Domain Address
  • 1 Customization
  • 1 Web Hosting
  • 1 Email Address
Website Startup
**paid annually, additional fees could be included
  • 5+ Website Pages
  • 1 Domain Address
  • 2 Customization
  • 1 Web Hosting
  • 5 Email Address
  • 1 Analytics
  • 1 SEO
Premium Startup
**paid annually, additional fees could be included
  • 10+ Website Pages
  • 1 Domain Address
  • 5 Customization
  • 1 Web Hosting
  • 10 Email Address
  • 1 Analytics
  • 1 SEO
  • 1 Theme
  • 1 SaaS
  • 1 Traffic Analytics
  • 1 Cybersecurity
  • 1-on-1 Consulting

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